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Legal Help


This section is designed to be nothing more than a general guide to the legal aspect of any proposed claim. If you feel that you have grounds for a claim you should always seek expert legal advice from a Solicitor, without delay. Most Solicitors who specialise in dealing with asbestos disease cases are normally quite happy to investigate the merits of your claim without any obligation at all and completely free of charge. If they do feel that your case has reasonable prospects they will normally then investigate how your case is to be funded. It is therefore important to take expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

Time Limits

As soon as you have been diagnosed with an asbestos related condition you should seek legal advice without delay. This is because strict time limits apply to any claim for compensation from an asbestos related disease. The way the time limits are applied is complicated but, basically, legal action must be commenced within 3 years of the date that you were diagnosed, in the event that settlement has not been achieved. The Court does have power to allow you to bring your claim out of time but only if exceptional circumstances apply.

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Choice of solicitor.
What information will the Solicitor need?.
Medical Evidence.
General damages.
Special Damages.
Formulating your claim.
Payment of Compensation.

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