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Complete support for victims and their loved ones...

About us

Asbestos Victim Support was established to provide a community for sufferers of asbestos-related illnesses and their loved ones. A community where sufferers can find answers to all of their questions in one place and share their experiences with others in similar situations to themselves. As well as providing detailed, up-to-date medical information, legal information and welfare benefit information related to asbestos-related illnesses, Asbestos Victim Support provides a unique interactive forum. A forum where individuals affected by the effects of asbestos-related illnesses, on themselves or on a loved one, can share their experiences and provide additional, much needed support and understanding to one another.

During the development of this community, we quickly came to realise that sufferers felt extremely isolated and lacked any kind of holistic support whatsoever. Members of our team experienced at first hand the devastating impact that an asbestos related disease could have upon sufferers and their loved ones. There were no information sites readily available, where sufferers could find answers to all of their questions in one place; medical questions, legal questions, welfare benefit questions and questions on other victims' experiences. With the ever increasing advances in internet technology, we felt it was time for victims to be able to reach out to one another, to exchange views and experiences and to know that they are not alone. We hope our forums will help to give you the true support and understanding that is fundamental during your time of need. Asbestos Victim Support was established and will continue to flourish purely through the support and contribution of our active, registered users.

Thank you for our continued support and we hope that you gain great value from this community.

Asbestosis Online Community

Get free advice, help others in need, share your experiences and become part of a friendly, valuable and supportive online community by visiting the Asbestos Victom Support forums.

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Asbestos Victim Support, 30 Victoria Avenue, Harrogate HG1 5PR